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Please send your child to school in clothes that are comfortable and loose. Children often play with paint, play dough and other messy activities so it is best to bring you child in play clothes or clothes that can easily be washed. Children must also wear enclosed shoes (thongs and slippers must not be worn to school).

What you need to bring:

(If your child has a sleep please bring)

  • 1 fitted cot sized sheet
  • 1 flat cot sized sheet or a blanket in colder weather

You must also bring a backpack/bag with:

  • At lease 3 changes of clothing including socks and underwear and
  • A hat (a broad rim hat is best).
  • Please encourage your child to not bring their own toys to school as they may get broken or lost.
  • Please note that all clothing should be labeled with each child name (including shoes).

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Rest time

All children are required to relax/rest/sleep after lunch, during this time soft music is played to help children relax. Children that sleep will be placed on a bed with their own sheets. If your child does not sleep they will be offered pillows to rest on, books to read or other quiet activities such as drawing or puzzles etc.

Behaviour Management

At Glenfield Preschool Kindergarten our aim is to foster positive behaviour, we do this through positive reinforcement, and encouragement. If a child is seen to be misbehaving we redirect their behaviour. In the event of bullying or violent behaviour we stop the behaviour immediately and discuss the behaviour with the child. Educators will advise parents or carers if their child displays negative behaviour at pick up time. At no time are Educators to yell at children call them names or degrade them in any way.

Child’s development

At Glenfield preschool kindergarten we believe that play is best for children and helps them develop in many areas. Play enables children to grow, by offering a play based program we can impact positively on their:

Social & emotional development:

Play allows them to develop the ability to interact with peers and adults in a positive environment. Children who are able to play in a positive environment develop self-confidence and the ability to be in charge of ones emotions. This enables them to build their self-esteem. Creating a play based environment develop social skills of co-operation, conflict resolution and consideration towards others.

Physical Development:

Physical development can be described by two categories (gross motor and Fine motor), Gross motor (large muscles) development can be built up through outdoor play such as running, jumping, climbing and dancing.

Fine motor (small muscles) development is built through drawing, painting, building blocks and cutting. It is important that children play with a variety of things to help their fine motor and gross motor development. Physical development allows children to develop a sense of balance.

Cognitive Development:

Play develops children’s cognitive (brain) development as through interacting with the environment they are exploring new ideas and concepts. Play allows a child to development cognitive skills such as memory, concentration, problem solving, language development and mathematical skills.

Language Development:

When children are playing they are listening, speaking, communicating, writing, drawing, reading and typing (and more). All of these activities help a child’s language development.

Science & Technology:

Through play children have a number of opportunities to explore science and technology. At Glenfield preschool, science is explored through many types of play. These science experiences allow a child to understand the world around them. Technology skills are developed through the use of computers. Our preschool program gives each preschool child the opportunity to interact with computers and technology.


Exploration of mathematical skill happen naturally through play as children are playing and exploring with numbers, shapes, sizes, weight and position. When cooking, making play dough, playing with blocks, puzzles or number games and rhymes children are practicing simple mathematical skills.

Arts (music, drama, art, craft, dance, movement)

Art experiences are offered daily as a major part of your child’s day. At Glenfield preschool kindergarten we provide children with many types of art.


Through music children have fun whilst developing an appreciation for rhythm, beat, melody and other musical concepts; this is done through playing musical instruments, listening to different types of music and singing.


Rrole playing and make believe play give children the chance to express themselves, act out real life situations and interact with peers. This is done through dress ups, reacting books (such as wombat stew) and home corner

Art & craft:

Art and craft enables children to express and communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions in a visual form. It allows children to be creative, discover awareness of different materials and refine fine motor skills. The children at Glenfield preschool are offered a wide range of arts and crafts.

Dance & movement:

Dance and movement allows a child to respond to music through body movement. It helps develop balance, coordination, a sense of rhythm and an appreciation of other cultures dances and dance styles. Dancing is also great for fitness.